Selected Alphabetical Archive M to Z

A selected alphabetical archive of Bookwaves interviews. All interviews conducted by Richard Wolinsky unless otherwise noted. If a link isn't working, please e-mail

A Radio Program About Books

Taylor Mac  playwright/performer 
2017 Interview  A 24 Decade History of Popular Music
     Aired September 11, 2017  Extended 31-minute Bay Area Theater podcast 
2018 Interview  Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce
     Aired November 26, 2018   Complete 22-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Robert Macfarlane
2019 Interview  Underland: A Deep Time Journey  
     Aired August 29, 2019. Extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2020 Interview  Ghostways: Two Journeys in Unquiet Places, written in collaboration
     with artist Stanley Donwood and writer Dan Richards. 
     Aired December 31, 2020. Extended 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour show

Patrick Macnee  Blind in One Ear, The Complete Avengers
Aired August 17, 2015. Recorded Sept. 28, 1989. Re-edited 2015
Intervewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff

Nancy MacLean  Democracy in Chains
Aired October 26, 2017  Extended 56-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Robert MacNeii  Looking for My Country
Aired April 25, 2024. Recorded April 12, 2003. Hour Show

Norman Mailer  Ancient Evenings, The Armies of the Night, The Executioner's Song
Interview taken from two sessions, recorded 1995 and 1998
Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Part One: Beginnings, aired January 3, 2008
Part Two: Later Career, aired January 10, 2008
     Original 1998 Interview with Richard A. Lupoff  The Time of Our Time
     Original 1995 Interview with Richard A. Lupoff/Richard Wolinsky   Picasso
Re-edited program and podcast: 
     Aired June 14, 2018
     Complete interview:  55-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Norris Church Mailer   A Ticket to the Circus
Aired Monday, May 17, 2010 (fund drive program).  Extended 35-minute edit

Rebecca Makkai  I Have Some Questions for You
Aired March 30, 2023. 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour Show.

Alexander Maksik   A Marker to Measure Drift, You Deserve Nothing
Aired Thursday, August 15, 2013  Extended 35-minute web edit

Henning Mankell   The Troubled Man: A Kurt Wallander Book.
Aired July 7, 2011; Portions aired September 8, 2011   Complete 46-minute web edit

Bob Mankoff   cartoon editor of The New Yorker and author of How About Never - Is Never Good for You?
Aired June 5, 2014    Extended 45-minute web edit 
Cartoons discussed in the web edit

Ben Marcus   The Flame Alphabet
Aired March 29, 2012    Extended 36-minute web edit

Malcolm Margolin    publisher of Heyday Books,  The Heyday of Malcom Margolin
Aired December 22, 2014    Extended 34-minute web edit

Margaret Maron  Deborah Knott mysteries, Sigrid Harald mysteries
Aired March 25, 2021  Complete 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour show
Recorded June 6, 1994. Innterviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A 

Garry Marshall   My Happy Days in Hollywoodfilm/television producer/director
Part One  Aired July 12, 2012 
Part Two  Aired July 13, 2012  .
Complete 54-minute interview

Yann Martel  The High Mountains of Portugal, Life of Pi
Aired March 10, 2016  Extended 45-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 

Andrea Martin   Lady Parts, Tony Award winning actress
Aired November 10, 2014   Extended 50-minute web edit

George R. R. Martin  Beauty & The Beast TV series, Fevre Dream
Archive 1991 interview, hosted by Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupof
Aired June 16, 2014

Robert K. Massie  The Romanovs: The Final Chapter, Romanov dynasty historian
Aired August 13, 2020. Recorded November 4, 1995. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff. Complete interview 38-minute podcast. 

Ayana Mathis   The Twelve Tribes of Hattie
Aired February 7, 2013   Extended 43-minute web edit

Richard Matheson    What Dreams May Come, Bid Time Return
Aired July 12, 2013. Recorded in 1992, hosts: Richard Wolinsky & Richard A. Lupoff. Never before aired.  extended 42-minute original program

Armistead Maupin 
2007 Interview   Michael Tolliver Lives!, Tales of the City series
     Aired June 21, 2007  Extended 38-minute Edit only 
2015 Interview  The Days of Anna Madrigal, Mary Anne in Autumn
     Aired February 19, 2015  Extended 39-minute web edit

Peter Mayle   A Year in Provence, Encore Provence
Recorded October 18, 1999. Extended 34-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 
Re-edited interview aired March 12, 2018.

Paul Mazursky   Show Me the Magic
Remastered and aired on Open Book, August 13, 2014.
Hosts: Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupoff. 
Original 40-minute edited interview

James McBride  Song Yet Sung, The Color of Water
Aired March 27, 2008

Simon McBurney  The Encounter; actor/director
Aired May 1, 2017. Extended Bay Area Theater podcast

Anne McCaffrey  The Dragonriders of Pern series, The Rowan, Damia
Recorded June 29, 1992. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Aired November 19, 2020. Complete 37-minute interview.

Colum McCann
2007 Interview  Zoli
     Aired April 5, 2007: extended 34-minute web edit
2009 Interview   Let The Great World Spin
     Aired September 3, 2009  extended 31-minute web edit
2013 Interview  Transatlantic
     Aired July 18, 2013  extended 38-minute web edit
2015 Interview  Thirteen Ways of Looking
     Aired November 12, 2015  extended 33-minute web edit
2020 Interview  Apierogon
     Aired April 2, 2020. extended 42-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.

Andrew McCarthy   Just Fly Away, film and television actor/director, travel writer
Aired June 8, 2017   Extended 39-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Tom McCarthy   "C"
Aired November 1, 2010   extended 40-minute web edit

Stephen McCauley  Alternatives to Sex
Aired June 15, 2006
Tarell Alvin McCraney  playwright, Head of Passes, Choir Boy
Aired April 13, 2015. Oscar winner, 2017, Moonlight.

Colleen McCullough  Caesar's Women, The Thorn Birds
Aired March 23, 2015.  Recorded January 27, 1996 (with Richard A. Lupoff).  
Digitized and re-edited original 37 minute interview 

Alice McDermott  Absolution
Aired December 21, 2023. Complete 60-minute interview. Hour Show.

Ian McEwan
2002 Interview Enduring Love, Atonement
     Aired April 25, 2002
2010 Interview  On Chesil Beach, Solar
     Aired April 22, 2010  extended 44-minute web edit

Joe McGinnis Jr.  Carousel Court
Aired October 13, 2016  Extended 37-minute web edit

Jay McInerney   The Good Life 
Aired March 30, 2006: extended edit

Paula McLain   
2011 Interview  The Paris Wife
     Aired April 14, 2011   Extended 38-minute web edit
2015 Interview  Circling The Sun
     Aired October 8, 2015  Extended 40-minute web edit

Larry McMurtry  Lonesome Dove, Pretty Boy Floyd
Aired April 8, 2021 (hour program without Diana Ossana)
Complete 52 minute interview (with Diana Ossana)
Recorded October 13, 1994. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff

Terrence McNally   Librettist (A Man of No Importance, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Ragtime), Playwright (Love! Valour! Compassion!, Lisbon Traviata, Master Class)
Aired March 25, 2004: 40-minute extended edit 
Aired April 2, 2020. Hour program    47-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Dinaw Mengestu    All Our Names
Aired April 17, 2014   Extended 40-minute web edit

Michael Mayer   In Manchuria
Aired April 27, 2015   Part One
Aired April 30, 2015   Part Two
Complete 60 minute interview

China Mieville   Perdido Street Station, The Scar
Aired September 26, 2002

Nicholas Meyer 
2009 Interview  The View from the Bridge, The Seven Percent Solution
     Aired September 17, 2009  Extended 44-minute Web Edit
2019 Interview  The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols
     Aired October 24, 2009  Extended 46-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Mark Crispin Miller  Fooled Again
Part One aired January 26, 2006;  Part Two aired February 2, 2006
Complete 46-minute program

Sue Miller  The Senator's Wife
Aired March 20, 2008
Extended 32 minute edit
Spoiler Questions

Susan Minot    Thirty Girls
Aired June 12, 2014   Extended 35-minute edit

David Mitchell 
2010 Interview   The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
     Aired August 26, 2010   Extended 40-minute edit
2014 Interview  The Bone Clocks.
     Aired October 20, 2014  Extended 35-minute web edit

Rick Moody  Hotels of North America
Aired January 21, 2016  Extended 42-minute web edit

Chris Mooney   The Republican War on Science
Aired October 13, 2005: extended 39-minute edit

Christopher Moore  Noir, Razzmatazz
Aired August 4, 2022; extended 49-minute podcast. Hour Show.

Lorrie Moore
2009 Interview   A Gate at the Stairs
     Aired September 24, 2009   Extended 36-minute web edit
2014 Interview   Bark
     Aired May 29, 2014   Extended 40-minute web edit

Martin Moran  The Tricky Part, Broadway performer
Aired September 22, 2005: Extended 32-minute edit

Rita Moreno   Rita Moreno: Life Without Makeup  
Aired September 30, 2011  (Performer Interview)   Extended 34 minute edit
Bookwaves/Rita Moreno page

Erroi Morris The Ashtray,  film-maker, The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War
Aired August 23, 2018.  Extended 33-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Jan Morris
1999 Interview  Travel writer, historian
     Aired January 14, 2021. Recorded August 8, 1999. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky,
     Richard A. Lupoff. Complete 38-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour show.
2001 Interview  Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere
     Aired November 25, 2021. Recorded November 16, 2021. Interviewers: Richard   
     Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff. Complete interview to be posted. Hour show.

Itamar Moses  Librettist, The Band's Visit, playwright
Aired January 13, 2022. Complete 60 minute interview. Hour Show

Otessa Moshfegh  Homesick for Another World, Eileen
Aired March 30, 2017.  Extended 38-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Walter Mosley 
1992 Interview  White Butterfly
     Aired February 15, 2024.  Recorded October 25, 1992. Hour Show
     Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff.  Complete 38-minute interview.
2004 Interview  Little Scarlett
     Aired August 26, 2004
2009 Interview  The Long Fall, Blonde Faith
     Aired April 9, 2009   Extended 32-minute web edit
2013 Interview    LIttle Green
     Aired May 30, 2013   Extended 33-minute web edit

Bharati Mukherjee   
First 2011 Interview Miss New India
     Aired June 16, 2011    Extended 43-minute web edit
Second 2011 Interview   Miss New India
     (with Clark Blaise)  Aired November 24, 2011 

Eddie Muller  The Art of Noir
Aired August 20, 2010  Extended 55-minute edit
Bookwaves Eddie Muller page

Muriel Murch  The Bell Lap
Aired April 11, 2016

Gerald Nachman
2003 Interview  Seriously Funny
Aired August 21, 2003
2011 Interview  Right Here On Our Stage Tonight: Ed Sullivan's America
Aired January 13, 2011   Extended 35-minute web edit

Laura Nader  What the Rest Think of the West: From 600 AD
Aired October 12, 2015. Live event Q&A, Sept 17, 2015

Azar Nafisi  
2009 Interview  Reading Lolita in Tehran, Things I've Been Silent About
     Aired February 19, 2009  Extended 38-minute Web Edit
2015 Interview   The Republic of Imagination
     Aired January 8, 2015   Extended 39-minute web edit

January 9, 2020
Michael Nava  Carved in Bone, Lay Your Sleeping Head, Henry Rios mysteries
Aired January 9, 2020.  Extended 37-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.

Viet Thanh Nguyen  The Sympathizer
Aired June 30 2016.  Extended 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Audrey Niffenegger    Her Fearful Symmetry, The Time Travelers Wife
Aired February 18, 2010.  Extended 31-minute Web Edit   Spoiler Questions

Leonard Nimoy  I Am Spock
Aired March 2, 2015. Recorded Oct, 26, 1005 during the book tour, .
Digitized & re-edited 31-minute original interview
Program as heard on KPFA in 2015

Garth Nix  Young Adult fantasy writer
Aired June 3, 2004

Kem Nunn  Tijuana Straits
Aired December 19, 2005

Joyce Carol Oates
2000 Interview  Blonde, other works
     Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff. Recorded May 3, 2000.
     Aired August 25, 2022; complete 50 minute interview. Hour Show
2007 Interview  The Gravedigger's Daughter, The Faith of a Writer
     Aired July 5, 2007; concluded August 2, 2007: 37 minute complete edit
2013 Interview    The Accursed, Daddy Love
     Aired March 25, 2013 on Against The Grain  (50 min)
     Rebroadcast August 9, 2013 on Open Book (30 min)

Jim Obergefell  Love Wins 
Aired July 14, 2016  Extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 

Tea Obreht
2012 interview  The Tiger's Wife
     Aired January 26, 2012   Extended 33-minute web edit
2019 interview  Inland
     Aired November 14, 2019  Extended 31-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 

Joseph O'Connor  Ghost Light
Aired March 10, 2011   Extended 53-minute web edit

Michael Ondaatje 
2002 Interview  The Conversation: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film
Aired December 5, 2002 
2007 Interview  Divisadero
Aired July 19, 2007; completed August 2, 2007: 33-minute complete edit

Han Ong  Grandeur (play), Fixer Chao (novel
Aired June 12, 2017  Extended 35-minute Bay Area Theatre podcast

Jack O'Brien  Jack in the Box, or How to Goddamn Direct, theatre director
Aired January 19, 2023. Complete 57-minute interview. Hour Show.

Tim O'Brien  America Fantastica, Going After Cacciato.
Aired November 16, 2023. Complete 59-minute interview. Hour Show.

Stewart O'Nan
2008 Interview  Songs fo the Missing
     Aired November 13, 2008   Extended 42-minute Web Edit
2015 Interview   West of Sunset
     Aired March 5, 2015   Extended 36-minute web edit
2016 Interview   City of Secrets
     Aired May 5, 2016  Extended 32-minute web edit

Joseph O'Neill  Netherland
Aired August 14, 2008  Extended 37-minute Web Edit

Nancy Opel  Broadway performer, Evita, Wicked, Sunday in the Park with George
Aired December 2, 2021. Complete 28-minute interview. Hour show.

Tommy Orange  There, There.
Aired April 4, 2019. Extended 33-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Susan Orlean   Rin Tin Tin, The Orchid Thief
Part One: Aired Thursday, November 17, 2011
Part Two: Aired Friday, November 18, 2011
Complete 54-minute interview
Bookwaves/Susan Orlean page

Julie Otsuka   The Buddha in the Attic.
Aired September 29, 2011

Helen Oyeyemi    Boy Snow Bird
Aired April 24, 2014 

Amos Oz   A Tale of Love and Darkness
Part One: Aired February 3, 2005; Part Two: Aired February 10, 2005
Complete 45-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Cynthia Ozick   Heir to the Glimmering World
Aired March 16, 2006. Extended 41-minute web edit 

Ann Packer  Songs Without Words, The Dive From Clausen's Pier
Aired March 6, 2008.  Extended 33-minute web edit

George Packer The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. 
Aired November 28, 2013 (Abbreviated fund-drive program aired July 25, 2013)
50-Minute Against The Grain program aired June 11, 2013
Extended 58-minute web edit

Orhan Pamuk
2007 Interview  Other Colors, Snow, My Name is Red
     Aired November 29, 2007: Extended 39-minute web edit
2015 Interview  A Strangeness in My Mind
     Aired November 5, 2015  Extended 33-minute web edit

Suzan-Lori Parks  Getting Mother's Body, Topdog/Underdug 
Aired June 19, 2003:  Extended 33 minute edit       KPFA Program

Robert B. Parker  The Spenser series of novels
1981 Interview. Aired November 11, 2021. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Lawrence Davidson. Extended 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour show.

Ann Patchett
2002 Interview  Bel Canto 
      Aired July 25, 2002 
2007 Interview   Run
      Aired November 22, 2007: Extended 36-minute Edit.  spoiler questions

Michael Paterniti   The Telling Room
Aired September 12, 2013  Extended 45-minute web edit

George Pelecanos  The Way Home, The Turnaround, writer/producer, The WireAired May 11, 2009.  Extended 36-minute Web Edit

Tom Perrotta  Mrs. Fletcher, The Leftovers
Aired August 31, 2017.  Extended 37-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

George Pendle Strange Angel, a biography of rocket scientist and 
occultist John Parsons. Aired June 16, 2005.

Arturo Perez-Reverte Queen of the South
Aired November 11, 2004: Extended 31-minute edit.

Carey Perloff   Beautiful Chaos: A Life in theTheater
Aired April 23, 2015
Bookwaves/Carey Perloff page 

Thomas Perry  Nightlife
Aired September 21, 2006: Extended 35-minute edit.

Arthur Phillips
2003 Interview  Prague
     Aired September 15, 2003
2011 Interview The Tragedy of Arthur   
     Aired June 2, 2011  Extended 37-minute web edit

Steven Pinker   A Sense of Style, The Better Angels of Our Nature
Aired December 4, 2014  Extended 46-minute web edit

Lorenzo Pisoni   Humor Abuse (co-author, performer)
Aired January 27, 2012    Extended 34-minute edit

Frederik Pohl   Man Plus, Gateway
Podcast posted February 14, 2021. Recorded October, 1978. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky, Richard A. Lupoff, Lawrence Davidson. Complete 40-minute interview.

Dawn Porter  Documentary filmmaker, The Lady Bird Diaries, Deadlocked
Aired September 14, 2023. Complete 30-minute interview. Hour Show

Julie Powell  Cleaving, Julie & Julia
Aired January 21, 2010  Extended 33-minute edit

Richard Powers
2003 Interview   The Time of Our Singing
     Aired April 24, 2003: extended 39-minute edit
2014 Interview   Orfeo
     Aired January 23, 2014  Extended 45 minute web edit
2018 Interview  The Overstory
     Aired July 19, 2018  Extended 46-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2021 Interview   Bewilderment
     Aired October 28, 2021. Complete 43-minute Interview

Douglas Preston  Lost City of the Monkey God
Aired March 23, 2017  Extended 42- minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Richard Preston  Panic in Level 4
Part One   aired September 4, 2008
Part Two   aired September 11, 2008

Richard Price
2004 Interview  Samaritan
     Aired September 30, 2004
2008 Interview  Lush Life
     Aired April 17, 2008  Extended 40-minute web edit
2015 Interview  The Whites.
     Aired March 26, 2015   Extended 32-minute web edit

Bill Pronzini  The Violated, End Game (A Nameless Detective Novel)
Aired April 13, 2017  Extended 35-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Francine Prose
2007 Interview  Reading Like a Writer, A Changed Man
     Aired January 25, 2007: extended 34 minute edit
2009 Interview  Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife
     Aired October 29, 2009  Extended 35-minute Web Edit

Annie Proulx   That Old Ace in the Hole, The Shipping News
Aired November 6, 2003. 4-minute web extra

Philip Pullman  His Dark Materials trilogy
Originally aired Nov. 30, 2000. Complete 30-minute interview

Anna Quindlen
2010 Interview   Every Last One
     Aired June 3, 2010  Extended 34-minute web edit    Every Last One spoiler questions
2012 Interview   Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake
     Aired June 7, 2012   Extended 43-minute web edit
2016 Interview  Miller's Valley
     Aired April 14, 2016  Extended 48-miinute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Tom Rachman   The Rise and Fall of Great Powers   
Aired July 10, 2014    Extended 40-minute web edit

David Rakoff   Don't Get Too Comfortable
Aired October 20, 2005.

Ian Rankin   Rather Be The Devil, Inspector Rebus series
Aired April 27, 2017. Extended 51-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Kate Jessica Raphael 
2015 Interview  Murder Under the Bridge: A Palestine Mystery
     Aired December 7, 2015
2017 Interview  Murder Under the Fig Tree: A Palestine Mystery.
     Aired December 28, 2017. Extended 36-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Ron Rash   The Cove
Aired Thursday, June 14, 2012   Extended 37 minute web edit

Tom  Reiss   The Black Count, The Orientalist
Aired Thursday, December 13, 2012  Extended 40-minute web edit 

Janet Reitman   Inside Scientology
Aired September 23, 2011    Extended 42-minute web edit

Ruth Rendell (1930-2015) 
Aired June 8, 2015. 1992 interview.

Sherri Reynolds   The Sweet In-Between
Aired January 15, 2009

Anne Rice  Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis
Aired in two parts December 26, 2016 and December 29, 2016.
Complete 60-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Frank Rich  The Greatest Story Ever Sold, Ghost Light, NY Times columnist
Aired November 16, 2006
Web Extra: Frank Rich on Election Day 2006

Heather Cox Richardson
2020 Interview  How the South Won the Civil War; Letters from an American
     Aired September 17, 2020. Complete 62-minute podcast. Hour Show
2023 Interview  Democracy Awakening
     Aired October 12, 2023. Complete 52-minute podcast. Hour Show

David Rieff   Swimming in a Sea of Death
Aired February 7, 2008: extended 50-minute edit.

Mary Roach
2010 Interview   Packing for Mars
     Aired September 16, 2010  extended 35-minute edit 
2013 Interview   Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal     
     Aired June 6, 2013   extended 43-minute web edit.
2021 Interview  Fuzz: When Animals Break the Law
     Aired October 14, 2021  Complete 47-minute interview. Hour Show

Trina Robbins   Last Girl Standing
Aired February 15, 2018: extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Frank M. Robinson  
2000 Interview  Science Fiction of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History; Waiting
     Recorded February 9, 2000   (40 min)
2004 Interview The Donor
     Aired September 9, 2004 (34 min)

Deena Rosenberg  Fascinating Rhythm
(with Michael Strunsky). Recorded August 14, 1992.
Hosts: Richard Wolinsky and Alex Davis
Aired January 15, 2018
Extended 50-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Elizabeth Rosner  Survivor Cafe
Aired October 12, 2017  Extended 38-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Live interview recorded November 30, 2017
Aired August 30, 2018.  Extended 49-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Lillian Ross   Reporting Back: Notes on Journalism
Aired July 4, 2002   Web extra: Life at the New Yorker
Rebroadcast Oct 2, 2017  Extended 42-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Paul Rudnick  Playing the Palace, screenwriter and playwright
Aired June 17, 2021. Complete 57 minute interview

Sarah Ruhl   playwright, Becky Nurse of Salem, In the Next Room
Aired December 19, 2019. Complete 29-minute Bay Area Theater podcast

Ann Rule  Dead by Sunset
Recorded September 28, 1995. Re-edited and aired January 25, 2016
Hosted by Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupofff
Re-edited 32-minute original interview

Salman Rushdie
2020 Interview  Quichotte
     Aired March 12,2020. Extended 43 minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2017 Interview  The Golden House
     Aired November 2, 2017  Extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2015 Interview Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights
     Aired September 18, 2015  Complete 42-minute interview
2012 Interview  Joseph Anton
     Aired October 4, 2012 (abbreviated fund-drive program) 
     Extended 51-minute web edit     Transcript: Guernica Magazine
2011 Interview  Luka and the Fire of Life
     Aired January 6, 2011   40-minute extended web edit
2008 Interview    The Enchantress of Florence
     Aired July 17, 2008: extended 32-minute edit  Morning Show interview
2007 Interview
     Videotaped in front of a live audience
     Montalvo Arts Center  May 20, 2007
2005 Interview  Shalimar The Clown   
     Aired December 8, 2005: 31-minute edit.  Morning Show interview
2002 Interview.  Step Across The Line, Fury
     Aired October 31, 2002  Rushdie on politics, 2002

Douglas Rushkoff   Present Shock 
Aired April 9, 2013, on Against The Grain 50 min)

Mary Doria Russell
2005 Interview  A Thread of Grace
     Aired June 2, 2005: extended 32-minute edit
2008 Interview  Dreamers of the Day
     Aired April 10, 2008
2015 Interview  Epitaph: A Novel of the OK Corral, Doc
     Aired July 30, 2015 extended 40-minute web edit

Richard Russo   That Old Cape Magic
Aired October 22, 2009  35-minute extended web edit

Pamela Rotner Sakamoto  Midnight in Broad Daylight: A Japanese American Family Caught Between Two Worlds 
Aired February 11, 2016.   Extended 37-minute web edit

James Salter (1925-2015)  Burning the Days
Aired February 8, 2016. Hosts: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff.
Recorded October 7, 1997. Re-edited 37-minute original interview

George Saunders
2013 Interview  Tenth of December.
     Aired March 7, 2013   Extended 44-minute web edit
2017 Interview  Lincoln in the Bardo
     Aired March 16, 2017.  Extended 44-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2022 Interview  Liberation Day
     Aired November 3, 2022. Extended 45-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour show.

Dan Savage  Skipping Toward Gomorrah
Aired November 27, 2003; concluded December 18, 2003: extended 41-minute edit.

John Sayles  Jamie McGillivray, The Renegade's Journey, flimmaker, screenwriter
Aired March 23, 2023 and March 30, 2023. Complete 45-minute interview.

Steven Saylor   The Throne of Caesar, Roma Sub Rosa series
Aired April 5, 2018  Extended 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

John Scalzi  Starter Villain
Aired October 12, 2023. Complete 65-minute interview. Hour Show

Richard Schickel Good Morning, Mr. Zip Zip Zip, Time magazine film critic
Aired July 10, 2003
Obit program, July 17, 2017. Extended 33-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Bart Schneider Beautiful Inez
Aired June 9, 2005

Will Schwalbe  The End of Your Life Book Club.
Aired January 3, 2013   Extended 33-minute web edit.

John Schwartz    Oddly Normal
Aired November 8, 2012   36-minute extended edit

John Burnham Schwartz  The Commoner, Reservation Road
Aired February 28, 2008  35-minute extended edit

A.O. Scott   Better Living Through Criticism, NY Times Film critic
Aired April 7, 2016   Extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Meryl Secrest  Sondheim
Aired September 10, 1998  Archival Interview

Donna Seaman   Identity Unknown: Rediscovering Seven American Women Artists.
Aired June 1, 2017  Extended 38-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

David Sedaris
2008 Interview  When You Are Engulfed in Flames
     Aired July 31, 2008   extended 36-minute web edit
2013 Interview   Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls.    
     Aired June 27, 2013   extended 41-minute web edit
2018 Interview   Calypso.   
     Aired October 11, 2018  extended 49-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2022 Interview  Happy Go Lucky
     Aired June 30, 2022 Complete 65-minute interview. Hour Show

Lisa See
2005 Interview  Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Dragon Bones 
     Aired September 29, 2005, rebroadcast May 4, 2006.
2009 Interview   Shanghai Girls
     Aired June 25, 2009, rebroadcast April 8, 2010  extended 40-minute web edit
2011 Interview   Dreams of Joy
     Aired July 14, 2011extended 42-minute web edit
2014 Interview   China Dolls
     Aired August 14, 2014  extended 40-minute web edit
2019 Interview   The Island of Sea Women
     Aired May 30, 2019  extended 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2023 Interview   Lady Tan's Circle of Women
     Aired August 3, 2023. complete 60-minute interview. Hour Show

Joel Selvin  Altamont
Aired in two parts (October 17 and October 20, 2016)
Complete 53-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.

Maria Semple  Today Will Be Different
Aired February 9, 2017  Extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Shelley Singer  Jake Samson mysteries, Barrett Lake mysteries.
Aired December 29, 2022 Complete 28 minute podcast.  Hour show.
Recorded November 19, 1986. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff.

Neil Sheehan  A Fiery Peace in a Cold War
Aired November 5, 2009   Extended 39-minute Web Edit

Gail Sheehy   Daring: My Passages
Aired October 23, 2014

David Shields
2008 Interview  the thing about life is that one day you'll be dead
     Aired May 8, 2008  50-minute extended edit
2013 Interview   How Literature Saved My Life  
     Aired April 2, 2013 on Against the Grain (50 min)    Extended 57-minute web edit
2017 Interview  Other People, Takes & Mistakes
     Aired July 13, 2017  Extended 46-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Lionel Shriver  So Much for That
Aired March 26, 2010  Extended 32-minute web edit

Gary Shteyngart
2010 Interview   Super Sad True Love Story, Absurdistan
     Aired September 9, 2010   Extended 35-minute edit
2014 Interview  Little Failure
     Aired March 27, 2014    Extended 33 minute web edit
2018 Interview  Lake Success
     Aired October 18, 2018    Extended 40 minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Gerald Shea     Song Without Words
Aired March 26 2013 on Against The Grain (50 min)

Marisa Silver  Little Nothing
Aired November 10, 2016. Extended 37-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Nicky Silver  Past Perfect (playwright)
with director John Dixon. Aired Friday, April 27, 2007

Mona Simpson
2010 Interview  My Hollywood  
     Aired November 25, 2010   Extended 34-minute edit
2014 Interview    Casebook
     Aired June 26, 2014    Extended 35-minute web edit

Robin Sloan    Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Book Store.   
Aired November 21, 2013.  Extended 37-minute web edit

Jane Smiley
2010 Interview  Private Life
     Aired July 8, 2010  Extended 36-minute web edit
2016 Interview  Some Luck, Early Warning, Golden Age
     Aired January 7, 2016  Extended 37 minute web edit
2021 Interview  Perestroika in Paris
     Aired March 11, 2021 Extended 39 minute podcast. Hour show 
2023 Interview  A Dangerous Business
     Aired February 9, 2023. Extended 35-minute podcast. Hour show

Alexander McCall Smith  The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series
Aired October 2, 2003

Anna Deavere Smith  playwright, actress   
2011 Interview    Let Me Down Easy                                  
     Aired June 9, 2011 
2015 Interview  Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education

Martin Cruz Smith
2005 Interview   December 6, Wolves Eat Dogs
     Aired March 31, 2005: 31 min extended edit
2013 Interview   Three Stations, Tatiana
     Aired December 19, 2013

Scott Smith  The Ruins, A Simple Plan
Aired January 18, 2007

Zadie Smith   On Beauty, White Teeth 
Aired November 30, 2006: 43 minute extended edit. 

Alissa Solomon  Wonder of Wonders
Aired January 30,2014   Extended 40-minute web edit

Stephen Sondheim
2011 Interview   Finishing The Hat
Aired November 11, 2010; Part Two: Dec 2, 2010   Extended 50-minute web edit
2012 Interview   Look! I Made a Hat
Aired December 22, 2011; March 19, 2020  28-minute Radio Wolinsky Podcast
Bookwaves/Stephen Sondheim page

Susan Sontag  In America
Archive interview hosted by Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupoff.
Recorded March 17, 2000.
Program aired July 18, 2019. Extended 44-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Art Spiegelman  Maus, Maus II, Little Lit
Aired February 3, 2022. Complete 28-minute interview. Hour Show.
Interviewer: Richard A. Lupoff. Originally aired December 7, 2000.

Dana Spiotta  Eat The Document
Aired April 6, 2006

Donald Spoto  Notorious: The Life of Ingrid Bergman
Aired April 6, 2023. Recorded June 18, 1997. 
Complete 41-minute Interview. Hour Show

Jerry Stahl
2004 Interview  Permanent Midnight, I Fatty
     Aired September 16, 2004
2009 Interview   Pain Killers
     Aired April 30, 2009

Ralph Steadman  Ralph Steadman: A Live in Ink
Aired January 21, 2021. Complete 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour show.

Neal Stephenson
2011 Interview   REAMDE, Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash
Aired November 10, 2011   Extended 42-minute web edit
2015 Interview  SevenEves
Aired June 25, 2015  Extended 37-minute web edit

Bruce Sterling  Tomorrow Now
Aired February 27, 2003

George Stevens Jr.  Conversations with the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood's Golden Age at the American Film Institute
Aired June 1, 2006
Web Only Part Two

Whit Stillman  Love & Friendship
Aired June 16, 2016  Extended 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Judith Stone  When She Was White
Aired June 7, 2007: Extended 34-minute Edit   

Robert Stone
2003 Interview  Damascus Gate, Bay of Souls
  Aired June 26, 2003: extended 38-minute edit
2007 Interview Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties
  Aired March 22, 2007: extended 37-minute web edit

Peter Straub  The Throat, Ghost Story, Mystery, Koko
Aired September 15, 2022. Recorded April 4, 1993.
Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff.
Complete 39-minute Interview.  Hour Show

Cheryl Strayed   Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail
Aired April 19, 2012   extended 41-minute web edit

Elizabeth Strout   Olive Kitteridge, The Burgess Boys
Aired April 25, 2013  Extended 33-minute web edit

Sean Strub  Body Counts.
Aired March 13, 2014   Extended 47-minute web edit

Manil Suri  City of Devi
Aired March 28, 2013   Extended 40-minute web edit

Margaret Talbot   The Entertainer
Aired December 20, 2012  Extended 40-minute web edit.

Gay Talese  A Writer's Life
Aired July 13, 2006:  extended 37-minute edit

Amy Tan
2005 Interview  Saving Fish From Drowning, The Opposite of Fate
     Aired November 10, 2005   KPFA Morning Show segment
2014 Interview   The Valley of Amazement
     Aired January 9, 2014    Extended 49-minute web edit

Paul Theroux
1998 Interview  Sir Vidia's Shadow
     Aired October 16, 2018  Extended 44-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
     Interview conducted by Richard Wolinsky & Richard A. Lupoff
2004 Interview   Dark Star Safari, Stranger at the Piazza d'Oro
     Aired April 28, 2004
2008 Interview  Ghost Train to the Eastern Star
     Aired October 30, 2008  Extended 43-minute Web Edit
2013 Interview    The Last Train to Zona VerdeThe Lower River.
     Aired June 20, 2013   Extended 45 minute web edit
2015 Interview  Deep South, Mr. Bones
     Aired December 24, 2015  Extended 42-minute web edit

Helen Thomas  Front Row at the White House
1998 Interview conducted by Richard Wolinsky & Richard A. Lupoff
Aired September 5, 2013

Matthew Thomas  We Are Not Ourselves
Aired June 29, 2015  Extended 38-minute web edit
David Thomson
2005 Interview  (complete 44-minute program)  The Whole EquationThe New Biographical Dictionary of Film
     Part One Aired February 17, 2005
     Part Two Aired February 24, 2005
2008 Interview   "Have You Seen..."
     Aired November 20, 2008   Extended Web Edit
2021 Interview  A Light in the Dark: A History of Movie Directors
     Aired April 29, 2021. Complete 50 minute podcast. Hour show
2024 Interview  The Fatal Alliance: A Century of War on Film
     Aired March 14, 2024. Complete 56-minute podcast. Hour show

Colin Thubron  To a Mountain in Tibet
Aired April 7, 2011, rebroadcast May 12, 2011    Extended 42-minute web edit

Laura Tillman  The Long Shadow of Small Ghosts
Aired June 2, 2016

Colm Toibin
2011 Interview   The Empty Family, Brooklyn
     Aired February 3, 2011   Extended 39-minute web edit
2014 Interview   (Complete interview 55 min)  
     Part One, aired November 3, 2014    Testament
     Part Two, aired November 6, 2014     Nora Webster
2017 Interview  House of Names
     Aired June 29, 2017  Extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Michael Tolkin The Player, Return of the Player
Aired November 23, 2006

Steve Toltz  Quicksand
Aired October 22, 2015  Extended 31-minute web edit

Nick Tosches   Trinities, music journalist, biographer
Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky & Richard A. Lupoff, recorded October 19, 1994.
Aired December 23, 2019, Extended 39-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Calvin Trillin    Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin
Aired October 27, 2011   Extended 37-minute web edit
Rebroadcast Dec. 15, 2011 Fund Drive Program

Joanna Trollope  Brother and Sister
Aired June 24, 2004

Jonathan Tropper   This is Where I Leave You
Aired September 10, 2009   Extended 37-minute Web Edit

Jeffrey Toobin  The Nine: Inside The Secret World of the Supreme Court
Aired October 28, 2007: extended 31-minute edit

Bonnie Tsui  Why We Swim
Aired June 18, 2020. 34-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Lily Tuck The News from Paraguay
Aired July 14, 2005.

Kathleen Turner   star of Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins
Aired November 24, 2014

Scott Turow  Reversible Errors
Aired January 2, 2002

Thrity Umrigar
2009 Interview   The Weight of Heaven     Aired June 4, 2009   Extended 36-minute web edi
2012 Interview  The World We Found
     Aired March 8, 2012   Extended 42-minute web editt      
Bookwaves/Thrity Umrigar page

John Updike  Terrorist
Aired July 20, 2006; rebroadcast February 12, 2009.  Extended 42-minute web edit

Luis Alberto Urrea   The Hummingbird's Daughter, Queen of America
Aired December 19, 2011  Extended 46-minute web edit

Andrew Vachss  Sacrifice, Flood, Strega, Burke novels
Aired January 27, 2022. Complete 40-minute interview. Hour Show
interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff. Recorded June 22, 1991.

A.E. Van Vogt The World of Null-A, Slan, Voyage of the Space Beagle
Recorded in 1980, interviewed by Richard A. Lupoff & Lawrence Davidson. Digitized, remastered & re-edited by Richard Wolinsky, December 2019.
Aired January 2, 2020.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 

David Vann
2011 Interview   Caribou Island, Legend of a Suicide
     Aired January 27, 2011  Extended 41-minute web edit
2012 Interview   Dirt
     Aired August 23, 2012   Extended 35-minute web edit
Bookwaves/David Vann page

Vauhini Vara The Immortal King Rao
Aired October 20, 2022. Complete 45-minute interview. Hour Show.

Abraham Verghese   Cutting for Stone, My Own Country
Aired April 2, 2009, rebroadcast Feb. 4, 2010  extended 41-minute web edit
Abraham Verghese page

Vanessa Veselka  Zazen, The Great Offshore Grounds
Aired November 11, 2021. 51-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour Show

Vendela Vida  The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty
Aired July 16, 2015  extended 32-minute web edit

Gore Vidal
1990 Interview  Career retrospective
     Rebroadcast Oct 31, 2016  extended 37-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
1998 Interview  The Smithsonian Institution
     Rebroadcast June 19, 2017   49-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2000 Interview  The Golden Age
     Part One  Aired August 21, 2017 
     Part Two  Aired August 28, 2017   Complete 55-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
2006 Interview  Point to Point Navigation: A Memoir
     Aired December 7, 2006: extended 35-minute web edit  

Norah Vincent  Self-Made Man, Voluntary Madness
Aired February 26, 2009  extended 36-minute web edit

William T. Vollman  Rising Up and Rising Down
Aired March 10, 2005: extended 33-minute edit

Kurt Vonnegut   Fates Worse Than Death, Slaughterhouse-5
Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff (complete1991 archive interview)
Aired Thursday, August 25, 2011. Program as aired 8.25/11

Mark Vonnegut   Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness, Only More So.
Aired Thursday, January 5, 2012   Extended 34-minute web edit

Sarah Vowell
2006 Interview  Assassination Vacation
     Aired February 23, 2006
2011 Interview Unfamiliar Fishes 
     Aired May 5, 2011 (extended 38 minute web edit)
     Fund drive abbreviated program

Susan Vreeland  The Passion of Artimisia
Aired October 16, 2017. Extended 37-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Originally recorded and aired in 2002.

Bruce Wagner  Memorial
Aired February 22, 2007

Jess Walter   Beautiful Ruins, The Financial Lives of the Poets
Aired August 9, 2012; rebroadcast April 18, 2013   Extended 42-minute web edit

Wayne Wang  Film director, Chan is Missing, The Joy Luck Club, Smoke
Aired in two parts March 17, 2022, March 24, 2022. Complete 64-minute interview

Alison Weir  Innocent Traitor
Aired April 12, 2007: extended web edit

Fay Weldon
1990 Interview  The Cloning of Joanna May, Life and Loves of a She-Devil
     Aired February 9, 2023. Recorded March, 1990. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/
     Richard A. Lupoff. Complete 39-minute interview. Hour Show.
1992 Interview   Darcy's Utopia, Life Force
     Aired June 8, 2023. Recorded January 21, 1992. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/ 
     Richard A. Lupoff. Complete 34-minute interview. Hour Show

Lawrence Weschler  Vermeer in Bosnia
Aired October 28, 2004. Interview unavailable.

Gemma Whelan  Painting in the Dark
Aired April 20, 2023.  Complete 37-minute interview. Hour Show

Edmund White
2006 Interview  My Lives: An Autobiography 
     Aired June 22, 2006: extended 40-minute edit
2012 Interview   Jack Holmes and His Friend
     Aired March 15, 2012   extended 33-minute web edit
2014 Interview    Inside a Pearl.
     Aired April 10, 2014   extended 33-minute web edit

Colson Whitehead
2006 Interview  Apex Hides the Hurt, The Intuitionist     Aired July 13, 2006
2009 Interview   Sag Harbor
     Aired June 18, 2009
2014 Interview The Noble Hustle, Zone one
     Aired July 3, 2014.   Extended 34-minute web edit

Marianne Wiggins  The Shadow Catcher
Aired August 9, 2007: extended 37-minute edit  

Amy Wilentz   Farewell, Fred Voodoo
Aired January 31, 2013   Extended 42-minute web edit

Kate Wilhelm  Malice Prepense (For The Defense)
Aired February 8, 2024. Recorded Aug 5, 1996. Hour Show
Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff.
Complete 44-minute interview.

Terry Tempest Williams  Erosion: Essays of Undoing
Aired November 7, 2019  Extended 46-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Garry Wills
2003 Interview  The Negro President
     Aired December 29, 2003  web extra
2010 Interview  Bomb Power
     Aired March 4, 2010  complete 45-minute edit

Robert Anton Wilson  The Illuminatus trilogyPrometheus Rising
Aired June 8, 2023. Complete 32-minute interview. Hour show.
Recorded February, 1983.

Simon Winchester   The Perfectionists
Aired June 28, 2018  Extended 51-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Judd Winick  Hilo: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth
     Aired November 2, 2015  extended 50-minute web edit

Don Winslow
2012 Interview   Savages, Kings of Cool
     Aired September 6, 2012  extended 34-minute web edit
2015 Interview (part one)  Power of the Dog, The Cartel
     Aired August 31, 2015
2015 Interview (part two)
     Aired September 3, 2015 (contains excerpts from 2012 interview)
2022 Interview  City on Fire, Twitter videos
     Aired May 5, 2022. 33-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour Show.
2023 Interview   City of Dreams
    Aired April 27, 2023  35-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour Show
2024 Interview   City in Ruins
     Aired April 18, 2024 33-minute Radio Wolnsky podcast. Hour Show

Jeanette Winterson   Frankissstein: A Love Story.
Aired January 16, 2020  Extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.

Gene Wolfe  Book of the New Sun, The Three Heads of Cerberus
Recorded November,1982. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Aired November 4, 2019. Complete 30-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Tobias Wolff  Old School
Aired January 15, 2004  web extra

Douglas Wolk   Reading Comics
Aired September 20, 2007

Stuart Woods  L.A. Times, New York Dead
Aired September 1, 2022. Complete 33-minute interview. Hour Show
Co-interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff. Recorded May 10, 1993.

Jacqueline Woodson  Another Brooklyn
Aired November 3, 2016  Extended 37-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Henry Woronicz   actor, An Iliad
November 9, 2012   Extended 35-minute web edit

John Wray   Low Boy
Aired May 28, 2009

Hanya Yanagihara   A Little Life
Aired March 17, 2016  Extended 48 minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Lawrence Wright     Going Clear, Fallaci
Aired April 6, 2015. Heard on Against The Grain, Tuesday, March 12, 2013; 
Complete  61-minute interview

Michael York  Are My Blinkers Showing: Adventures in Film Making in the New Russia.
Part One aired January 5, 2006
Part Two aired January 19, 2006

Charles Yu   Interior Chinatown
Aired February 4, 2021. Complete 35-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. Hour show

Lidia Yuknavitch  Verge
Aired March 19, 2020. Extended 42-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

Carlos Ruiz Zafon  The Angel's Game, Shadow of the Wind
Part One   aired August 13, 2009
Part Two   aired August 20, 2009
complete 53 minute interview

Best of Bookwaves (Part One)   (Part Two)
Excerpts of interviews with Gore Vidal, E.L. Doctorow, Janis Ian, and Amy Goodman. Aired October 7, 2010  (one hour)

Best of Bookwaves Volume 2
Excerpts of interviews with Janis Ian, Don DeLillo, Amy Goodman, Paul Krugman and Annie Liebovitz. Aired September 30, 2010 (one hour)

Best of Bookwaves
Highlights from interviews. Aired September 23, 2010 (one-hour fund drive program)

Best of Bookwaves (Part One)     (Part Two)
Highlights from interviews. Aired August 3, 2010 (one-hour fund drive program)

Best of Bookwaves
Highlights from interviews. Aired July 29, 2010 (one hour fund drive program)

Panel on Independent Bookstores and Publishing
Guests: Bill Petrocelli of Book Passage Bookstore ; Clark Kepler of Kepler's Books
Andy Ross, former owner of Cody's Books and literary agent; and Leslie Berkler, formerly of Cody's and now with Book Passage.
Program as aired with pledge drive breaks: Part One  Part Two
Complete Panel Discussion:  Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Book Review Program  Reviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Aired February 25, 2010

Live from the Left Coast with Angie CoiroRichard Wolinsky, guest host
Aired November 11, 2009  (scroll to date)

Live from the Left Coast with Angie CoiroRichard Wolinsky, guest host
Aired September 30, 2009  (scroll to date)

Book Review Program  Reviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Aired July 2, 2009

Book Review Program  Reviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Aired January 22, 2009

Book Review Program  Reviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Aired June 26, 2008

Book Review Program  Reviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Aired January 17, 2008

Book Review Program  Reviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff/
Shelley Singer. Originally aired July 23,1992. 
Rebroadcast October 29, 2020.