Thrity Umrigar was a journalist for seventeen years, She has written for the Washington Post, the Plain Dealer, and other national newspapers, and contributes regularly to the Boston Globe's book pages. She teaches creative writing and literature at Case Western Reserve University. The author of the novels Bombay Time, The Space Between Us andThe Weight of Heaven, and the memoir First Darling of the Morning: Selected Memories of an Indian Childhood, her latest novel is titled The World We Found. She was a winner of the Nieman Fellowship to Harvard University. She has a Ph.D. in English and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.   Thrity Umrigar Home Page

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Thrity Umrigar

2009 Interview  - 36 Minute Extended Edit
on book tour for The Weight of Heaven

Program as aired on KPFA-FM, June 4, 2009

2012 Interview  - 43 Minute Extended Edit
on book tour for The World We Found

Program as aired on KPFA-FM, March 8, 2012