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Lawrence Davidson

Judith S. Green
June 18, 1924-September 17, 2013

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Kona, Wonder Dog 
Mar. 15, 1989  - June 17, 2007 

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Arts-Waves programs
Bookwaves /  Bookwaves Artwaves Hour
Up Front Bay Area Theatre reviews

Radio Wolinsky podcast
Bay Area Theater podcast
These podcasts contain extended interviews from Bookwaves and Arts-Waves. Bay Area Theater also contains reviews, commentaries, and guest interviews hosted by CS Soong.

November 12, 2020
Art-Waves: Pam MacKinnon, Artistic Director of American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.) discusses how her company has dealt wth the Covid theatre shutdown.
Complete 48-minute Bay Area Theater podcast.
Bookwaves: David Grann discusses his best-selling non-fiction book, The Lost City of Z, recorded in 2009.
Complete 51-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour, November 12, 2020

November 5, 2020
Bookwaves: Joshua Furst, author of the novel Revolutionaries, now out in trade paper.
Complete 35-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Art-Waves: Bill Irwin, discussing his one-man show, On Beckett. On Beckett airs through the Irish Repertory Theater Nov. 17-22, 2020.
Interview podcast.
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour, November 5, 2020

October 29, 2020
BookwavesRichard A. Lupoff (1935-2020), Probabilities book review program from July, 1992 with Richard A. Lupoff, Richard Wolinsky and Shelley Singer.
Art-Waves: Walter Tevis (1928-1984), Probabilities archive interview recorded October, 1981. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky, Richard A. Lupoff, Lawrence Davidson
Complete 32--minute interview
Transcript of Walter Tevis interview
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour, October 29, 2020

October 22, 2020 
Bookwaves: Tea Obreht, author of the novel Inland, just out in trade paper. 
Complete 32-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Art-Waves: Gamal Abdel Chasten, Artistic Director and co-founder of the Breath Project.
Complete 36-minute Bay Area Theater podcast.
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour, October 22, 2020

October 15, 2020
Bookwaves: Terry Tempest Williams, author of Erosion: Essays on Undoing.
Complete 45-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Art-Waves: Jeanne Sakata, playwright, Hold These Truths, streaming through TheatreWorks Silicon Valley website through November 3, 2020.
Complete 41-minute Bay Area Theater podcast.
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour, October 15, 2020

September 17, 2020
Bookwaves: Heather Cox Richardson, author of How The South Won the Civil War and Letters from an American (daily posting on Facebook).
Recorded September 11, 2020
Complete 62 minute interview.
Art-Waves: Laurel Ollstein, playwright, Pandora, streaming Sept 24-28,
Complete 34-minute interview
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour, September 17, 2020

September 10, 2020
Bookwaves: Jonathan Safran Foer, author of We Are the WeatherComplete 46-minute interview.
Art-Waves: Hershey Felder, performer, George Gershwin Alone, live from Florence, September 13, 2020. Interview recorded in 2013. Complete interview.
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour September 10, 2020

September 3, 2020
Bookwaves: Gail Sheehy (1936-2020) author of Passages and My Passages. Interview recorded September 24, 2014. Complete Interview
Art-Waves: Madhuri Shekar, playwright, In Love and Warfare, ACT production streaming live Sept 4-5 and 11-12, then on demand Sept 18-25.
Complete 34-minute interview.
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour September 3, 2020

August 27, 2020
Bookwaves: Roger Kahn (1927-2020), author of The Boys of Summer and The Era. Interviewed by Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupoff, October 13, 1993.
Complete 68 minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour August 27, 2020

August 20, 2020
Bookwaves: Tony Horwitz, author of Spying on the South. Complete 49-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Mavis Gallant (1922-2014) noted short story writer for The New Yorker, author of Across The Bridge, recorded October 6, 1993. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff. Complete 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour August 20, 2020.

August 13, 2020
Bookwaves: Robert Macfarlane, author of UnderlandComplete 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Robert K. Massie (1929-2019), historian of the House of Romanov, author of The Romanovs: The Final Chapter, recorded November, 4, 1995. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff.  Complete 38 minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Bookwaves/Artwaves Hour August 13, 2020

July 23, 2020
Bookwaves: Dave Eggers, author of The Parade. Complete 34-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Suzanne Bradbeer, playwright, Shakespeare in Vegas, streaming July 23-27, 2020 on the TheatreWorks Silicon Valley website. Complete Bay Area Theater interview.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour July 23, 2020.

July 16, 2020
Bookwaves: Erik Larson, author of The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz. Recorded July 9, 2020. Complete interview.
Arts-Waves: Gore Vidal, discussing his film and stage career, recorded in 1998, Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupoff. Complete 40-minute 1998 interview.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour July 16, 2020.

July 9, 2020
Bookwaves: Barry Lopez, author of Horizon. Extended 45-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. 
Arts-Waves: Margaret Atwood,  recorded in 1993: discussing her novel, The Robber Bride. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff. Complete 26-minute interview.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour July 9, 2020.

July 2, 2020
Bookwaves: Carlos Ruiz Zafon (1964-2020, author of The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel's Game. 
Extended 54-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Rupert Everett, director/star/writer, the film The Happy Prince. 
Complete 18-minute interview
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour July 2, 2020.

June 25, 2020
Bookwaves: Ayana Mathis, author of The Twelve Tribes of Hattie. Extended 44-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Mart Crowley, playwright, The Boys in the Band, The Men from the Boys.
Complete 62-minute interview.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour June 25, 2020.

June 18, 2020
Bookwaves: Judy Juanita, author of the novel Virgin SoulExtended 51-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Bookwaves: Bonnie Tsui, author of Why We Swim. Extended 34-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour June 18, 2020.

June 11, 2020
Bookwaves: Tayari Jones, author of An American Marriage. Extended 44-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast. 
Arts-Waves: Frank Galati, director, discusses Ionesco's parable of fascism, Rhinoceros
Complete 41-minute interview.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour June 11, 2020.

June 4, 2020
BookwavesErik Larson discusses his book of narrative non-fiction, In The Garden of Beasts, recorded in 2011. Complete 44-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Arts-Waves: Playwright Tarrell Alvin McCraney, recorded in 2014.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour June 4, 2020

May 10, 2020
Bay Area Theater Podcast:
Tony Kushner: Two Interviews (2006, 2016)
Both interviews: 65 minute podcast.

May 7, 2020
Bookwaves: Andrew Altschul, author of the novel The Gringa.
Complete 50-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Suzan-Lori Parks, playwright, Topdog/Underdog, recorded May 20, 2003 while on tour for the novel Getting Mother's Body.
Complete 35-minute Bay Area Theater podcast.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour May 7, 2020

April 30, 2020
BookwavesAnn Beattie, author of the novel A Wonderful Stroke of Luck.
Complete 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Arts-Waves: Peter Carey, author of True History of the Kelly Gang, recorded March 7, 2001.
Complete Radio Wolinsky podcast TBA.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour April 30, 2020.

April 23, 2020
Bookwaves: Tope Folarin, author of the novel A Particular Kind of Black Man. 
Extended Radio Wolinsky podcast TBA
Arts-Waves: Michael Crichton (1942-2008), recorded on tour for Jurassic Park. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky & Richard A. Lupoff.
Complete 35-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour April 23, 2020.

April 16, 2020
Bookwaves: E.L. Doctorow (1931-2015)
Documentary based on two interviews.
Both interviews: 70-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Margaret Atwood, recorded while on tour for Cats Eye, February 22, 1989. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky, Richard A. Lupoff, Lisa Goldstein.
Complete 31-minute interview.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour April 16, 2020

April 9, 2020
BookwavesJohn Lanchester, author of the novel The Wall
Complete 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Mary Higgins Clark (1927-2020) Recorded during her tour for While My Pretty One Sleeps. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky & Richard A. Lupoff. Recorded May 24, 1989..
Complete 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Bookwaves/Artswaves Hour April 9, 2020

April 2, 2020
Bookwaves: Colum McCann, author of Apeirogon.
Complete 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 
Arts-Waves: Terrence McNally (1938-2020)
Playwright, Lisbon Traviata, Master Class; Librettist, Ragtime, The Full Monty. Recorded March 18, 2004
Complete 47-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Bookwaves/ArtsWaves Hour April 2, 2020

March 26, 2020
BookwavesLisa See, author of Island of Sea Women, now out in trade paper.
Complete 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Arts-Waves: Clive Cussler (1931-2020) Adventure novelist, Dirk Pitt series, etc.
Recorded May 24, 1994. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff
Complete Radio Wolinsky podcast (TBA)
Bookwaves/ArtsWaves Hour March 26, 2020

March 19, 2020
Bookwaves: Lidia Yuknavitch, author of Verge
Complete 42-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.
Arts-Waves: Stephen Sondheim at 90. Interview conducted in 2011 for volume 2 of his collection of lyrics,  Look! I Made a Hat.
Complete 28-minute Bay Area Theater podcast.
Bookwaves/ArtsWaves Hour March 19, 2020

March 12, 2020
Bookwaves: Salman Rushdie, author of Quichotte.
Complete 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast
Arts-Waves: Ricardo Perez Gonzalez, playwright, Don't Eat the Mangos at the Magic Theatre.
Complete 40-minute Bay Area Theater podcast
Bookwaves/ArtsWaves Hour March 12, 2020

March 5, 2020
Bookwaves: Katya Cengel, author of a memoir, From Chernobyl with Love: Reporting from the Ruins of the Soviet Union.
Progam as heard on KPFA
Extended 47-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.

March 2, 2020
Arts-Waves: Sting, creator and star, The Last Ship at the Golden Gate Theatre through March 22, 2020; Eric Ting, Artistic Director California Shakespeare Theatre, director of Gloria at ACT Strand through April 12, 2020.
Review: Culture Clash (Still) in America at Berkeley Rep's Peets Theatre through April 5, 2020.
Program as heard on KPFA
Sting interview, Radio Wolinsky podcast
Eric Ting interview, Bay Area Theater podcast

February 10, 2020
Arts-WavesJim Lehrer (1934-2020). Host, PBS NewHour, 1975-2009. Recorded on tour for his novel Purple Dots, October 19, 1998. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky/Richard A. Lupoff. Also: Review of Tiny Beautiful Things at SF Playhouse.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 40-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

February 6, 2020
Bookwaves: Will Eno, playwright, Wakey Wakey, at ACT Geary Theatre through February 16, 2020.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 38-minute Bay Area Theater podcast

February 3, 2020
Arts-Waves.  Susan Oxtoby, curator of the Federico Fellini at 100 retrospective at BAM/PFA in Berkeley. Also: Review of How to Transcend a Happy Marriage at Custom Made Theatre.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 30-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 

Impeachment Pre-emptions

January 20, 2020
Arts-Waves. Donna Seaman, author of Identity Unknown: Rediscovering Seven American Women Artists. Also: Review of Noura at Marin Theatre Company.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 36-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

January 16, 2020
Bookwaves: Jeanette Winterson, author of Frankissstein: A Love Story.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.

January 13, 2020
Arts-Waves. Mona Golabek, performer, The Pianist of Willesden Lane, at TheatreWorks Mountain View through Feb. 16, 2020. Also: Review of Becky Nurse of Salem at Berkeley Rep.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 32-minute Bay Area Theater podcast 

January 9, 2020
Bookwaves: Michael Nava, author of the novel, Carved in Bone, a Henry Rios mystery.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 37-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.

January 6,2020
Arts-Waves: Alla Kovgan, director of the film Cunningham, about the life and work of dancer/choreographer Merce Cunningham.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

January 2, 2020
Bookwaves: A.E. Van Vogt (1912-2000) author of several science fiction novels including The World of Null-A, Slan and Voyage of the Space Beagle, recorded in 1980, interviewed by Richard A. Lupoff & Lawrence Davidson. Digitized, remastered & re-edited by Richard Wolinsky, December 2019.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 41-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 

December 30, 2019
Arts-Waves: John Skelley (Harry), Yanna McIntosh (Hermoine) and David Abeles (Ron), stars of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, at the Curran Theater in San Francisco.
Also: Review of The Tale of Despereaux at Berkeley Rep.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 40-minute Bay Area Theater podcast

December 26, 2019
Bookwaves: Tommy Orange, author of the novel There, There.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 33-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

December 23, 2019
Arts-Waves: Nick Tosches (1949-2019), author of the novel Trinities, journalist and biographer. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky & Richard A. Lupoff, recorded October 19, 1994.
Also: Review of Pride & Prejudice at TheatreWorks Palo Alto.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 39-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

December 19, 2019
Bookwaves: Sarah Ruhl, playwright, Becky Nurse of Salem, at Berkeley Rep's Peets Theater through January 26, 2020.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 29-minute Bay Area Theater podcast

December 2, 2019
Arts-Waves: Jason Graae, lead actor, Scrooge in Love, at 42nd Street Moon Gateway Theatre through December 22, 2019
Also: Review of Cloud 9 by Caryl Churchill, at Custom Made Theatre
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 37-minute Bay Area Theater podcast

November 28, 2019
BookwavesAltamont 50th Anniversary: Joel Selvin, author of Altamont: The Rolling Stones, The Hells Angels and the Inside Story of Rock’s Darkest Day.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 54-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast 

November 25, 2019
Arts-Waves: Marc Bruni, co-director, The Tale of Desperaux, at Berkeley Rep thru Jan. 5, 2020.
Also: Review of "Mother of the Maid" at Marin Theatre Company.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 29-minute Bay Area Theater podcast

November 21, 2019
Bookwaves: Katya Cengel, author of Exiled: From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to California and Back. Rebroadcast. 
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 43-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

November 18, 2019
Arts-Waves: Pam MacKinnon, Artistic Director of A.C.T. American Conservatory Theatre.
Also review of Bull in a China Shop at Aurora.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 38-minute Bay Area Theater podcast

November 14, 2019
Bookwaves: Tea Obreht, author of Inland.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 31-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

November 11, 2019
Arts-Waves: Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials. Recorded November 30, 2000. 
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 30-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

November 7, 2019
BookwavesTerry Tempest Williams, author of Erosion: Essays of Undoing.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 46-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

November 4, 2019
Arts-Waves: Gene Wolfe (1931-2019). Science fiction Grandmaster, author of The Book of the New Sun and other novels and short stories, who died on April 14, 2019. Recorded Thanksgiving weekend, 1982 in San Jose, California. Interviewers: Richard Wolinsky & Richard A. Lupoff
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 30-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

October 31, 2019
Bookwaves: Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), author of the novels Bottle Grove and All The Dirty Parts; in the writers room of the Netflix series, A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 46-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

October 28, 2019
Arts-Waves: Robert Kelley, artistic director of TheatreWorks, Silicon Valley.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 28-minute Bay Area Theatre podcast

October 24, 2019
Bookwaves: Nicholas Meyer, director and screenwriter, returns to Sherlock Holmes with the novel The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols.
Program as heard on KPFA
Extended 45-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast

October 21, 2019
Arts-Waves: Kate Attwell, playwright whose latest work is Test Match having its World Premiere at ACT’s Strand Theatre through Dec 8, 2019. 
Also: Review of "The Chinese Lady" at the Magic.
Program as heard on KPFA
Complete 28-minute Bay Area Theatre podcast

Archive for 2019
Contains links to earlier archives back to 2001. 

YOU TUBE Excerpt:
Clark Blaise & Bharati Mukherjee at Pegasus Bookstore in Berkeley, 2011

Special Salman Rushdie Video Interview
Richard Wolinsky talks with Salman Rushdie at Montalvo Arts Center, May 20, 2007

All Bookwaves shows that can be heard on-line are listed and linked alphabetically.

Old Photos

In Memoriam
Frank M. Robinson (1926-2014)  
2000 Interview  Science Fiction of the 20th
    Century: An Illustrated History; Waiting
    Recorded February 9, 2000   (40 min)
2004 Interview The Donor
   Aired September 9, 2004 (34 min)