A former "think tank" editor with Top Secret clearance, Gayle Lynds is the author of THE LAST SPYMASTER, THE COIL, MASQUERADE, MOSAIC, and MESMERIZED. She is a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Operatives and the Military Writers Society of America as well as co-founder and co-president (with David Morrell) of International Thriller Writers, Inc. Lynds also co-created the best-selling Covert-One series with Robert Ludlum and wrote three of the novels.. She lives in California, where her husband, renowned detective novelist Dennis Lynds, died recently, in August 2005.

About the interviewer:

RICHARD WOLINSKY hosts "Bookwaves" on "Cover to Cover" heard every Thursday at 3:30 pm on KPFA-FM in Berkeley (, and in syndication through the Pacifica Network.
Gayle Lynds has been interviewed twice by Richard Wolinsky

2004 Interview   (recorded during the tour for THE COIL)
Recorded April 14, 1004, aired June 10, 2004

2006 Interview (recorded during the tour for THE LAST SPYMASTER)T
Recorded June 12, 1006, aired August 10, 2006
(special 34 minute web edit). 28-minute program as aired.